November 3, 2006


Got a break from class work did some more cg. 4.00 a.m. so I drew myself

St. Patrick Day: Poster Contest Entry

luck of the irish must be on my side....

October 2, 2006

more work

termites are my only worry

September 25, 2006

CG painting 35 min

....some more from the depth of my soul...

Painting excercises 25-40 min

Moving along into more programs everyday

September 2, 2006

Super Mougle

Once again I'm playing around with photoshop
and I wind up going overboard. In this piece I'm trying to capitalize off the idea that the late Archie bunker was a t.v. sensation in his time. I decided to change his cape green for more contrast but I like the red as well....some feedback would be nice.

August 21, 2006

Praying Women

Photoshop CS2 Pulled off alil time and effort to do this piece. I'm okay with the result; however theirs always room for improvement.

Monochromatic Study #1

These 2 pics were done with gouache on watercolor board. The medium itself is fun 2 use and control and can create some beautiful work if executed right....well thats what I read on the box and I've given my colored pencils a deserved vacation....

Monochromatic Value Study #2

..... alil something sumthing I have been working on this summer before I enter my Sophmore year at SCAD; painting with strokes and strong value going for the Norman Rockwellish, Alex Rossish
technique( as I like 2 call it.)