October 20, 2007

24 Hour Art Challenge

During the 24 hour Art Challenge at SCAD My initial goal was a set of 6-12 characters, but I woke up later than I wanted too so, I did 4 characters all together and one illustration piece. I worked on achieving a character each hour to push myself conceptually and just keep drawing. The Illustration took the longest because I was getting feedback from my peers and adjusting the foreshortened proportions. Overall I am happy with the result because I was able to do the characters with out reference and pull from my head. One thing I learned is that I need to go darker with my pencils ( as you can see)the line work is a little too light. The Illustration line work is complete but I still want to render the picture in Coral and PhotoShop!!

October 16, 2007

Logo Design

The final revision of the logo completed for the client I did a few to give a broader choice selection. I personally favor the versions with the stars instead of the square dots.

Revised Character Design

I decided to revise the previous character design because I was not satisfied I like this one alot better than my older version. This Friday there is a 24 hour art challenge at SCAD and I'm planing on creating a whole world for this character and an additional 6-12 characters to live and surf. The concept on my mind is post apocalyptic world which gives me alot to play with so, this will be my assignment.

October 10, 2007

The Golden Compass

Interesting survey to see what type of "Daemon"( persona in the form of a animal) personality a person has, I took the survey twice and wasn't too surprised by the results, but maybe you will, so try it out. Based off the movie coming out on December 7th The Golden Compass the trailer left a sweet honey flavored residue in my mouth anticipating the release. As I grow more aware and interested of the concept art present in movies I inspired by the Golden Compass's concept artists imaginative solution to creating the world the characters reside.