July 31, 2008

Steamy Projects

This is the final concept I will post the final concepts later on When I get to a bigger scanner.

I started to lean towards this mechanic type character and the top thumbnail but my teacher opted for the bottom thumbnail as it seemed more action oriented and not as static.

This is for my Electronic Vector Illustation Class. Some Thumbs for our latest project to create a package design that applies to skateboard, hat and shirt. The project is pretty open as far as what we can do so I'm gonna incorporate a steam punk theme for my idea if you dont know what that is ill leave that to my good friend wiki to explain.

Back After Whack Delay

Haven't posted in about 2 months, though it shouldnt be an excuse, I've been a very busy bee this summer. I was a Summer Seminar Assistant here at SCAD for about 4 weeks, working an internship at Mocha Lifestyle As well as taking a vector Illustration Class. My schedule was fully occupied but since the Seminar programs are finally over I can now sleep a little(insert laughter)