November 29, 2007


Still a work in progress. Value study for illustration, trying to get the lighting right. Im going to post up the color study later.

November 14, 2007

"Just Right"

Final Image for 1st issue of Just Write magazine

Added pupils to the character to humanize him more, felt too evil or mutant, I guess... 1st of 12 issues to come. I want to really challenge myself with these pieces and plan to work to the bone on my winter vacation. Thats my way of the ninja!!

November 11, 2007

Magazine Final Draft

cover for writing magazine Just Write set to release Nov. 26. Kind of a writers forum allowing anyone itching to tell a story, poem, etc. to submit there work to be published find out more information at the website

Worked on creating focal point and eye movement with this piece by pushing parts of the drawing back with cool colors and pulling colors foward with warm.