March 8, 2008

Figure Drawin Fridays

The Beautiful thing about attending SCAD is that we have live models come and pose... for FREE. I feel I haven't taken advantage of this blessing like I should have this quarter but I will squeeze in as much time as I can in between my busy schedule and get my groove back like Stella...

Work In Pro

WIP(work in progress)
Pencil study for last project of quarter. Stylizied caricature of John Legend for Rolling Stone Project. I drew alot of Inspiration from the great Bua. Final will be done in acryllic paint.
"Busy is a state of mind and busy is how I roll"
-Brandon Wilson

Mo' money Mo' Money!!

3rd Illustration project for my materials and techniques class. The objective was to
communicate one of four words that my professor listed:network, colloboration, investment and the last word escapes me. The target audience are banks, annual reports, or stock exchanges.
I wont tell which word I used out of the three I listed, I rather you be able to visually see it in my piece and tell me. The chosen medium for the assignment was watercolors( a medium I'm becoming very fond of) and pastels. b e z