November 13, 2008

New Character Concepts and More to Come


The values for the character portion of my final project. The story thus far is set in a world a little more advanced than our own where surfing and skateboarding are meshed together.

November 2, 2008

October 30, 2008

Shell Cave & Shell Kingdom

Environments done for my concept class. This was my first time doing conceptual environments and I hope to do more in the future.

October 21, 2008

Environments Developed & Undeveloped

Concept Illustration Class Project Environment Sketches. Will be developed further.

October 19, 2008


Here is an digital illustration I did for the Firebreather Pinup challenge being held at SCAD for the the just past 24hour event we just completed. This was a real fun challenge that I would gladly take on again in the future but for now I'm gonna catch some sleep. Later.

Late Update

Here is an update of some of the work I've been doing in my classes so far. Two vehicle designs, one organic and one technological. The first vehicle is a beast of burden as they are called and the techno is a hover search vehicle. I am definitely learning alot about concept design and cant wait to take a second swing at these projects later in the quarter.

September 29, 2008

New Quarter, New Concepts, More Work!

This is a new project for the quarter for my concept illustration class. Basically, the assignement is to create two combatants in any arena/ playing field, so w/ that said, my two characters are musicians: a punk guitarist, and tribal bagpipe player. These are a few of the better silhouettes I did for both combatants. The final selects are above for each w/ their value studies. I will post the color tests later.

August 25, 2008


Re worked the image a lil more in photoshop. I blurred the background buildings and the fire in the foreground to pop the robot out alil more. I guess it helped?

August 20, 2008

More From Randomness...

Here is the latest class assignment I've done, so far, w/ only a week left of summer school I'm feelin the toll this quarter's had on me. Enjoyed this project and had alot of fun. I learned about how 2 use smart objects but also ran into a few snags while working on this file between both illustrator and exportin 2 photoshop, but all in all a great learnin process for me. As for why the robots shootin rainbow beams and rainbow bringin... rainbows back? b e z

August 11, 2008

Something New

Real fun project had a blast and learnt alot about Illustrator cs3. I messed up my file and lost the texture on the robot thingy but was able to translate it to the shirt version. Good learning process and something I will definitly revisit in the future.

August 2, 2008

Final Sketch

Here's the final sketch will have it all vectorized and posted later.

July 31, 2008

Steamy Projects

This is the final concept I will post the final concepts later on When I get to a bigger scanner.

I started to lean towards this mechanic type character and the top thumbnail but my teacher opted for the bottom thumbnail as it seemed more action oriented and not as static.

This is for my Electronic Vector Illustation Class. Some Thumbs for our latest project to create a package design that applies to skateboard, hat and shirt. The project is pretty open as far as what we can do so I'm gonna incorporate a steam punk theme for my idea if you dont know what that is ill leave that to my good friend wiki to explain.

Back After Whack Delay

Haven't posted in about 2 months, though it shouldnt be an excuse, I've been a very busy bee this summer. I was a Summer Seminar Assistant here at SCAD for about 4 weeks, working an internship at Mocha Lifestyle As well as taking a vector Illustration Class. My schedule was fully occupied but since the Seminar programs are finally over I can now sleep a little(insert laughter)

June 14, 2008


Second Creature design that I completed this past quarter based on a aquatic and terran based creature but alot more simpler so it could be used in an animated film.

June 8, 2008

E heart U

Finally got the finished painting posted hopes ya diggs I had alota fun with this project and learning to work smarter using a underpainting. Once that is figured out glazing colors over the underpainting is the next step!I thank Professor Rick Lovell fo r showing the class the grisalle technique. I've also been playing around w/ lighting in my recent work tryin to become braver with lighting effects and create a dramatic scene. I've been looking at some baroque artists and Howard Pyle(Father of American Illustration) as inspiration.Patience is key!! Alright jive turkey's got some errands to run b e z!

May 28, 2008

Down to the Last Rib' It

Final Project for the quarter using technique called grisalle a french painting method. You
develop an underpainting and glaze actual local colors over it. Its a WIP ill try to scan and post it before I head back to Miami on Thursday via Greyhound. O and here is the finished C. F . Payne mixed media approach. I enjoyed the method alot and will definitely revist this technique this is my 2nd attempt my first would be a book cover I previously did for the book A Stolen Life.

May 24, 2008

Creature Features

Final Rendered Color with ice texture and added light source, This was an big leap for me my brain has been forced to go beyond my normal ideas and its for the better. More soon to come.

Establishing values

Final revised design

First design from earlier posts of creature silhouettes. Realized in class crit that Creature parts looked tacted on like a Frankenstein monster and not an actual cohesive creature.

Animal Studies

Well these are a few of the many studies I did this quarter for my Animal anatomy class. I learned alot about constructing form that and capturing the movement of animals, or people for that matter, in gesture.