December 28, 2007

BeBe Kids

Previous painting I did for my painting class this past fall,
Basically its about how certain songs may influences the generations
and in this piece its not in a good way.

December 11, 2007

Slowly but Surely

Testing highlights here and there but I'm nearing the end of this digital illustration. Have been working on and off jumping between other projects but I'm going to bring this piece to a close soon.

November 29, 2007


Still a work in progress. Value study for illustration, trying to get the lighting right. Im going to post up the color study later.

November 14, 2007

"Just Right"

Final Image for 1st issue of Just Write magazine

Added pupils to the character to humanize him more, felt too evil or mutant, I guess... 1st of 12 issues to come. I want to really challenge myself with these pieces and plan to work to the bone on my winter vacation. Thats my way of the ninja!!

November 11, 2007

Magazine Final Draft

cover for writing magazine Just Write set to release Nov. 26. Kind of a writers forum allowing anyone itching to tell a story, poem, etc. to submit there work to be published find out more information at the website

Worked on creating focal point and eye movement with this piece by pushing parts of the drawing back with cool colors and pulling colors foward with warm.

October 20, 2007

24 Hour Art Challenge

During the 24 hour Art Challenge at SCAD My initial goal was a set of 6-12 characters, but I woke up later than I wanted too so, I did 4 characters all together and one illustration piece. I worked on achieving a character each hour to push myself conceptually and just keep drawing. The Illustration took the longest because I was getting feedback from my peers and adjusting the foreshortened proportions. Overall I am happy with the result because I was able to do the characters with out reference and pull from my head. One thing I learned is that I need to go darker with my pencils ( as you can see)the line work is a little too light. The Illustration line work is complete but I still want to render the picture in Coral and PhotoShop!!

October 16, 2007

Logo Design

The final revision of the logo completed for the client I did a few to give a broader choice selection. I personally favor the versions with the stars instead of the square dots.

Revised Character Design

I decided to revise the previous character design because I was not satisfied I like this one alot better than my older version. This Friday there is a 24 hour art challenge at SCAD and I'm planing on creating a whole world for this character and an additional 6-12 characters to live and surf. The concept on my mind is post apocalyptic world which gives me alot to play with so, this will be my assignment.

October 10, 2007

The Golden Compass

Interesting survey to see what type of "Daemon"( persona in the form of a animal) personality a person has, I took the survey twice and wasn't too surprised by the results, but maybe you will, so try it out. Based off the movie coming out on December 7th The Golden Compass the trailer left a sweet honey flavored residue in my mouth anticipating the release. As I grow more aware and interested of the concept art present in movies I inspired by the Golden Compass's concept artists imaginative solution to creating the world the characters reside.

September 29, 2007

Logo Design

Sketch for a logo I'm currently working on for a mortgage company.

September 22, 2007

Poster ad

Some more work 'm doing for Mr. Headley, author of "A Stolen Life". He needed some posters to place in a bookstore( what bookstore you ask, well I'm not sure) to advertise his masterpiece.( Thursday night He sent me some pictures I could possibly use I was under some serious time constraints and needed to get them done for this past Friday. I came up with several simple ideas and gave him the last above the text ,but which is better I don't know?

September 21, 2007


Character Design

Some character studies for the thumbnails below
I'm still trying to figure out a concept I want to convey with
Obviously, its gonna have something to do with surfing but I'm still
playing with the idea.

New Project

Thumbs for a future project. I'm taking my time with this one because I have other projects that are taking precidence, but I'm gonna start crossing over more into concept work as I start building my portfolio and peeking into the professional world of art and design. Yea...that kinda sounds scary.
Publish Post

Still Learning

An practie study I thought I would try after a friend of mine showed me the forum at where you render any object as realistically as possible then afterwards you makeup anything by drawing from the rendered object, a good practice. I got lazy and never came up with a concept because I was moving back in the dorms but I'll get to it.

My goal this summer was just to sit back and draw, just for the pure enjoyment of it. So, inbetween my busy schedule of being a student summer missionary I would sit and draw just any or whatever could come out of my head and try to put it on paper. It felt good just to cut loose and let ideas pour out of me because along with coming to terms with my faith I feel as though my own verve is being defined making me a more capable artist. I played alot with caricatures!

August 16, 2007

Nujabes: Luv Sic Pt. 3

Wassup!! Im bak after a long hiatus in Pompano beach to North Carolina survivin n the mountains. meantime I'm posting one of my favorite music artists "Nujabes" I think his beats are tight. This is the stuff I like he's really innovative in his sound and approach to makin his beats real inspiration folks...

June 13, 2007

O Yea

Playin around with light and dark overall testing my values. Same with color...still need sme wrk.


Im n an hotel n pompano beach bored late so im bloggin 2 pass the tyme nd drawin n microsoft painter 2 have fun...sad but its the only way im gonna sty sane at this hour

May 30, 2007

Gone Fishing

I'm going to be gone 4 amin where imite not b able to post for awhile so here is probably my last post until mch ltr into the sumer break


reserve copy now at

May 27, 2007

A Stolen Life

Well this is the final image for the book " A Stolen Life". The author, Gheri Y. Headley will have his book released on July 8(happens to be my g-ma's bday too)I used I mixed media technique I learned to do this piece didnt put the image with the text and everything up because I want you to buy the book to see for yourself but Mr. Headley will probably put the image on his website soon. I hope I was able to help in any way to get people to buy this book comments always welcome even though so few rarely are made. Alrite Im drained...Cya!!

"The Not so Glamorius Life"

Project for Anthropology class. About how some percieve the life of a "baller" to be fame and glory 24/7 , I wanted to illustrate the idea that the "Baller" lifestyle is not all it seems to be and that the stereotype should be broken.