September 29, 2007

Logo Design

Sketch for a logo I'm currently working on for a mortgage company.

September 22, 2007

Poster ad

Some more work 'm doing for Mr. Headley, author of "A Stolen Life". He needed some posters to place in a bookstore( what bookstore you ask, well I'm not sure) to advertise his masterpiece.( Thursday night He sent me some pictures I could possibly use I was under some serious time constraints and needed to get them done for this past Friday. I came up with several simple ideas and gave him the last above the text ,but which is better I don't know?

September 21, 2007


Character Design

Some character studies for the thumbnails below
I'm still trying to figure out a concept I want to convey with
Obviously, its gonna have something to do with surfing but I'm still
playing with the idea.

New Project

Thumbs for a future project. I'm taking my time with this one because I have other projects that are taking precidence, but I'm gonna start crossing over more into concept work as I start building my portfolio and peeking into the professional world of art and design. Yea...that kinda sounds scary.
Publish Post

Still Learning

An practie study I thought I would try after a friend of mine showed me the forum at where you render any object as realistically as possible then afterwards you makeup anything by drawing from the rendered object, a good practice. I got lazy and never came up with a concept because I was moving back in the dorms but I'll get to it.

My goal this summer was just to sit back and draw, just for the pure enjoyment of it. So, inbetween my busy schedule of being a student summer missionary I would sit and draw just any or whatever could come out of my head and try to put it on paper. It felt good just to cut loose and let ideas pour out of me because along with coming to terms with my faith I feel as though my own verve is being defined making me a more capable artist. I played alot with caricatures!