June 18, 2009

Summer Update

I have not posted in a while and I am itching for a scanner so I can get some more of my work uploaded but in the meantime, Here is a update of a character modal sheet I did for lil Red Riding hood I did back in March and another piece I recently did for a scketchbook I'm working on that will be called Creative Flush so keep an Eye out. Practicing more and more on 2d animation. As far as my summer goes it is pretty exciting, I am in California interning with Nickelodeon on the Fairly Odd Parents Department so I am pretty excited about that and I am meeting alot of interesting people and learning alot. I will post more work later though! Also checkout mywebsite b e z

March 14, 2009


Here are character designs I was working on this quarter in my Concept Development for Animation class. I learned so much from my professor Keith Ingham about camera movements and how to keep the continuity of a film linear as well as how to make it non-linear and how it can be effective in storytelling. Overall, taking this class was great for me because I got to learn from my animation major peers during our crit sessions and boy were they great!! Anyways here are the character designs and I'm gonna try to post up my animatic! Take care!

Environment value

This has been an hectic quarter. I've started freelanceing again this year along w/ schoolwork and my job in the resident halls as a Resident Assistant my energy is just about spent , but have no fear Spring Break is finally here and I am creating work to signing my graduation release forms but now I am ready to get back to good ol blogging. Here is another environment I've completed! TO ALL MY FELLOW SCADIANS HAVE A GREAT BREAK!

February 20, 2009


Hey everyone!  Happy belated New Year! I haven't posted in awhile but I have alot of work coming. In the meantime, check out my new portfolio blog where I will post all the latest additions to my portfolio. Here's some of the work I am currently building up on. Take care everyone! b e z