May 28, 2008

Down to the Last Rib' It

Final Project for the quarter using technique called grisalle a french painting method. You
develop an underpainting and glaze actual local colors over it. Its a WIP ill try to scan and post it before I head back to Miami on Thursday via Greyhound. O and here is the finished C. F . Payne mixed media approach. I enjoyed the method alot and will definitely revist this technique this is my 2nd attempt my first would be a book cover I previously did for the book A Stolen Life.

May 24, 2008

Creature Features

Final Rendered Color with ice texture and added light source, This was an big leap for me my brain has been forced to go beyond my normal ideas and its for the better. More soon to come.

Establishing values

Final revised design

First design from earlier posts of creature silhouettes. Realized in class crit that Creature parts looked tacted on like a Frankenstein monster and not an actual cohesive creature.

Animal Studies

Well these are a few of the many studies I did this quarter for my Animal anatomy class. I learned alot about constructing form that and capturing the movement of animals, or people for that matter, in gesture.

May 12, 2008

I've added the acryllic local colors and then layed matte medium/ water mixture to seal the board. Next I applied a wash of dark values with watercolor then  using a damp brush I lifted 
and brought out the tonal shapes. Now its time for the oil wash so I will post that later.

May 9, 2008

Many Responsibilties

Ink and Watercolor assignment subject was flying machine like the Redbull Flug tag contests w/ our natural style of drawing. Mine is a organically powered flying machine...cough.
Next up is a tight pencil for my CF payne technique currently working on. The subject is actor or musician I am using Toby Maguire as my muse... awesome technique.
Post finished piece later!!

Slog N My Blog

Man oh man I have not blogged in a while(3 weeks to be exact)but Im back w/ some new projects in progress and sketches from figure drawing. This quarter I am taking an Animal Anatomy for Creature design under the Sequential art Professor Sean Crystal. I must say I am learning a lot in this class filled w/ Graduate and Undergraduate talent. I learn something new almost everyday from these talented guys. We have been going to the zoo for three weeks now(post zoo sketches later) and studying animal construction from observation and referencing The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals an AWEsoME BOOK!! These are my shapes that I went through to get to my creature (I will post design and final rendering later).