October 30, 2008

Shell Cave & Shell Kingdom

Environments done for my concept class. This was my first time doing conceptual environments and I hope to do more in the future.

October 21, 2008

Environments Developed & Undeveloped

Concept Illustration Class Project Environment Sketches. Will be developed further.

October 19, 2008


Here is an digital illustration I did for the Firebreather Pinup challenge being held at SCAD for the the just past 24hour event we just completed. This was a real fun challenge that I would gladly take on again in the future but for now I'm gonna catch some sleep. Later.

Late Update

Here is an update of some of the work I've been doing in my classes so far. Two vehicle designs, one organic and one technological. The first vehicle is a beast of burden as they are called and the techno is a hover search vehicle. I am definitely learning alot about concept design and cant wait to take a second swing at these projects later in the quarter.